The increase in revenue we bring our clients will exceed their monthly ad spend.
Our Facebook and Google Advertisements are targeted and are top performers.
No lengthy contracts – our clients are retained on a performance basis and not by a contractual commitment.
DMM fees are based on tasks performed and not as commonly used retainer or package based fees.
DMM owns and operates some of South Africa’s biggest websites and digital assets. Clients are given preferential advertising rates across all channels.
DMM offers a complete digital solution for businesses, with over 20 services offered, all consolidated under one account manager and centralised billing.
DMM will create a tailor-made solution based on your business’s needs. Every business is different, with a unique growth path and requirements.
Our clients’ average return on investment (ROI) is under 1.8 months, enabling them to grow their ad spend every few months and in return experience exponential growth.
Easy-to-read/understand month-to-month reporting. Visualise growth and performance across all the digital platforms in one simple, 65 data-point management report.
All advertising budgets set by our clients, are paid by DMM. Clients need not worry about credit card payments, stoppages and other billing issues. DMM bills the client in one consolidated invoice monthly.
At DMM, we select our clients carefully. Only clients that are able to meet DMM’s criteria such as the ability to manage client’s expectations, budgets, client’s ability to expand, benefit from digital marketing and other important parameters, are accepted into DMM’s portfolio.




1How much does it cost?

We work on a month-to-month performance basis, and all of our clients' monthly spend is determined by the monthly budget they set with us in advance. Our objective is to get a client's campaign to the point where it is profitable, so that their business is able to grow - exponentially. On average, our clients begin to see a return on investment in under 2 months.

2Where is my money spent / what are your fees?

We have 3 types of fees:

  • Advertising
  • Monthly Services and
  • Ad hoc (includes development).

Monthly services and ad hoc fees are fixed depending on what your business requires. Our fees on ad spend work on a sliding scale, and are a percentage on ad spend which decreases as your ad spend increases. Once you provide us with your monthly advertising budget, our expert Marketers will determine the most optimal split across the various digital platforms, based on your objective.

3Do you offer SEO packages?

SEO refers to the process of improving your website’s organic ranking on search engines. There are several factors that determine your website’s organic ranking:

  1. Architecture - how was the site built, it is responsive etc.;
  2. Content - the words, relevance etc.;
  3. Html - Structure, headings etc.;
  4. Trust - Engagement, history, ad-heaviness etc.;
  5. Links - Quality, text, number etc.;
  6. Personal - History of visitors, country etc.; and
  7. Social - reputation of sharers, number of shares etc.

When we build websites, they will always be optimized for search engines. Services which will improve your organic ranking are:

  • Targeted digital marketing campaigns;
  • Social Media posting and page management;
  • Website content / blog post creation; and
  • Website analyses and fixes.

We do not offer set packages – as each business is different and will require different services. “Package deals” often result in clients having to pay for services they aren’t receiving, and are structured in a way that makes it difficult to detect this.

4Why is there a minimum monthly budget?

Our objective is to get you to the point where you are earning a profit on your monthly ad spend with us. From experience, we have found that below a certain point, it takes much longer for you to see that return on investment. Many agencies will take on any client regardless of whether they feel they will perform or not, but we are selective in who we accept as a client, and will not take on a client if we do not feel we will achieve their objectives. One of the factors that affects this is your monthly ad spend.

5Do you offer guarantees?

Any agency offering guarantees is a red flag, as there is no certainty. The success of a campaign will depend on the skills and experience of the marketer handling your campaign, the time an agency will dedicate to your campaigns and other factors which fall within your control (e.g. your ad spend, conversion rate, service levels etc.).

6What packages do you offer?

Because every industry and business is different, it is not possible to group our services into “packages”, nor would this be feasible for you. We evaluate your objectives and budget, and structure our services in order to achieve those objectives.

7How can we trust any agency?

Because there is no physical product which you can use to base your decision on, you can look for the following:

  1. Is the agency a Google Partner?
  2. Are they willing to show you their Google Performance and Facebook Ad Performance? (These are easily accessible on the platforms) and
  3. Do they operate on a month-to-month performance basis? (No agency confident in its performance would require a minimum contract period)


DMM is an innovative Digital Marketing Management company based in Sandton, South Africa. We offer our clients sustainable growth through our uniquely customer-centric, turn-key approach to digital marketing.

The digital landscape is always changing, and DMM is evolving with it. Our dedicated and passionate team of strategists, developers, designers, social media specialists and other experts are at the top of their game when it comes to growing businesses via digital marketing.

DMM’s CEO, Mark Taitz has been in the marketing industry for 25 years. Mark has appeared on numerous TV shows in the USA, Canada and Europe in addition to featuring on CNN, radio 702, Star front-page, newspapers across the world and Entrepreneur magazine SA.

Building businesses from the ground up, Mark has created some of SA’s largest internet portals and brands, Facebook pages, founded Cheque Guarantee Services (CGS), and one of SA’s fastest growing e-commerce shopping portals in SA’s history.

With the launch of DMM, Mark has enabled other South African and international businesses to grow effectively and quickly, using the multitude of channels and platforms in the digital arena available today.

To schedule an appointment or to determine if DMM can help your business grow, please click here.