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Unlike most "marketers", DMM is a premium, bespoke Marketing & Advertising Management Company. We invest countless hours in implementing our trade-secrets and dozens of specialised performance factors into each client's account. This ensures that our clients' spend is not an expense, as the additional revenue generated covers the costs and leaves the client with a profit. The difference between success and failure is attention to detail, decades of expertise and regular, ongoing optimisation.

Beware of "agencies" that accept tiny budgets. They won't be able to dedicate the time and effort required to produce a profit for the client, nor can they afford to employ the top professionals in the industry to manage the client's account. Even worse, many employ quick, Black-Hat tactics which may be extremely costly and irreversible (banned website on Google, tarnished reputation, etc.). Too often businesses approach us to be rescued after losing a fortune of money and severe damage to their digital footprint.


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